Facts about Social Media Management

Every brand, whether it’s manufacturing or offering services needs to engage its audience on social media on some level. Facebook and twitter combined have a subscription that’s over 2 billion people globally, while Youtube videos are watched by billions every year. Social Media Management is a specialized field that harnesses this large audience to create[…]

Result Driven Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing depends on data and metrics; a sound Digital Marketing campaign is designed around accumulating, deciphering and potentially using data that gets generated. Digital Marketing success depends on calibrating the data and understanding the numerous metrics and reports that are generated. The main objectives of Digital Marketing broadly fall into 2 categories; namely, Lead[…]

How to choose an advertising agency?

An advertising agency is a bridge between the product and buyer. Is that all? In the new millennium, an ad agency is not an ad factory anymore. It is an important extension of a company’s vision and mission. Advertising has integrated many related disciplines such as marketing, branding, image management, perception management, public relations, brand[…]

Trends to Witness for Advertising Companies in Bangalore for 2017

The enthusiasm to celebrate the New Year is soaring high and high for everyone and it continues for the advertising companies in Bangalore, as the new upcoming trends of 2017 for creative ad agencies in Bangalore will recreate the magic of high leads and growth. Every ad agency or creative marketing company needs growth and[…]

Best way to handle advertising and digital ad spending

Maximize your returns on advertising and digital ad spending The goal of advertising is to inspire action. But what would one do when a market is flooded with brands and the onus is to inspire attention? How does one ensure that customers consider a brand as a value proposition and not a flash-in-the-pan? Creative boutique[…]

Welcoming experiential advertising – Go the Bud Digital Way

Bud Digital is a full-fledged digital advertising, brand management, consulting, and marketing firm. Amidst the list of digital marketing companies in Bangalore, the company offers an impressive portfolio of services to serve the digital marketing needs of small, medium and large enterprises. Bud engages with online visitors, prospects, repeat buyers not just by creating digital[…]